Hannibalisums #3

Old Hannibal says some strange things at times. As such this is an irregular series of quotes form the Hannibal Smyth novels, because occasionally one should probably remember to do some promotion work for ones own novels for a change…

hanibalisum 4

This particular one is from the second Hannibal Smyth novel ‘From Russia With Tassels‘ which sees our ‘hero’, for want of another word, picking up his story form where the conclusion of ‘A Spider In The Eye’ left off, on a mountainside in Nepal, as he gets ‘volunteered’ for a sensitive mission to war torn Japan, in order to find Professor Stephen Jobs, the one man who might be able to to take out The Ministry’s insidious spider, and free Hannibal from their grip.

So a nice little jaunt to the middle of a war zone to find a mad scientist obsessed with ‘Eyes’, and a ride to Hiroshima on the most literal of bullet trains beckons. In the company of Hannibal’s own personal Bad Penny, an a Russian airship captain call Putin… What could possibly go wrong…

But Hannibal will of course keep a stiff upper, play a straight bat, and if all else fails run and hide somewhere with plenty to drink…



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