Quotes for 2020 #29

An on going series of a quote a day from those most worthy of individuals, writers…  Disclaimer not all quotes are meant to inspire… Not all comments I make upon them are entirely honest either, occasionally Hannibal writes them…

Of all the writers who have influenced  me over the year, Pratchett, Adams, Gemmell, Gaiman, and so many many more… One that stands out despite only ever having written one novel is Alan Moore, the wizard of Northampton.  His one traditional Prose novel ‘Voice of the Fire’ is probably one of his least known works. It’s also one of the most unique works of fiction it has ever been my pleasure to read, Spanning as it does the whole breathed of human history from the stone-age to modernity and still managing to contain a narrative thread…

Of course Moore is better known for his body of works in comics form his early 2000AD Thrill Shocks , through his work with DC and Vertigo, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From hell, Halo Jones, the league of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the utterly sublime Killing Joke. But there are also lesser know works like Lost Girls, and academic works like ‘25000 years of erotic freedom’ which has allowed students to quote things about Nazi Cock-rings in essays for a couple of decades now, and ‘Mirror of Love’ a beautiful illustrated poem about Homosexuality… I’ve been a bit of a Moore fan boy for forty years or more…

Frankly my advise is to read almost everything he has every written, it is a body of work that is beautiful, strange at times, deep, wise, funny and often challenging but never ever dull…



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