Quotes for 2020#32

An on going series of a quote a day from those most worthy of individuals, writers…  Disclaimer not all quotes are meant to inspire… Not all comments I make upon them are entirely honest either, occasionally Hannibal writes them…

Today its a quote from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, specifically a quote from the prince of darkness, the light bringer, he who was Samuel, and whom the Rolling Stones would beg of you some sympathy… Lucifer…

I’ve always felt a little affinity for this opinion voiced by Gaiman’s and later Mike Carey’s Lucifer. The devil I think seldom makes humanity do anything. Indeed, even if he was inclined to do so, why would he bother, humanity is perfectly capable of committing heinous acts all on its own. It seldom seems to require much encouragement to do so, sadly.

This quote oddly enough was partly the original inspiration for a shorts story I wrote entitled, oddly enough,  ‘The devil made me do it’. I am rather fond of how that story turned out so it was one of the bonus stories I included in my novella‘A Scar of Avarice’ though the protagonist of that particular story take a somewhat different view to the devils guilt in such things…



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