Quotes for 2020 #40

An on going series of a quote a day from those most worthy of individuals, writers…  Disclaimer: Not all quotes are meant to inspire… Not all comments I make upon them are entirely honest either, occasionally Hannibal writes them…

As I am up to my neck in final editing through Maybe after getting it back form my editor at the weekend, this quote seems apt for the day. Final pre-proof edits are always fun, not least because my wonderful and understanding editor has used so much highlighter that the yellow is burning out my eyes…


I have learned several things, for example… while Maybe is not a Hannibal book , and does not feature the disreputable scrote, I have spent so much time with Hannibal over the last couple of years that he weaseled his way into the previous draft. Mostly with the phrase ‘If all truth be told’ a phase that is a Hannibal idiom. He uses it quite often, and when he does it reads entirely natural, it is part of him and his voice…

It does however stick out like a sore thumb in absolutely anything else and I used it repeatably in the last draft.

Also typing form when I mean from and vice versa is a horrendous habit…

My divinity is in question, my editors is not. All praise the editor 🙂


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