The good death cell guide

Hannibal Smyth has an unfortunate habit of ending up in one prison cell or another. Often, due to the whatever recent nefariousness he has undertaken, endured, or found himself wrapped up in, he tends to assume these prison cells are also likely to be his death cell. He’s occasionally a bit glass half full in that regard…

As such, as Hannibal can be a tad obtuse at times, he distracts himself from the doom he feels sure each time he is about to endure by making mental entry’s in a book he will in all likelihood never write. (and is mainly just an extended running gag on my part, because I find the idea amusing.)

This ominous tomb, The Good Death Cell Guide, has grown over the first two volumes of Hannibal adventures, and is featured in the opening chapters of the third volume, one suspects there will be more entries to come…


To learn more about Hannibal follow this link 

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