Arts and Capitalism and Self employment – a rant

While this is luckily not my own situation, Meredith Debonnaire, writer of ‘Tales of Tantamount’  expresses the situation many writers, artists, musicians and plenty of other self-employed people find themselves in, in the face of the current reality of virus Britain.
It is a compelling, mildly heartbreaking and informative read.

Meredith Debonnaire

I don’t usually do politics on here in a big way, but I don’t know how not to right now.

Almost everyone in my immediate family works in the arts. My dad is a musician and an examiner for ABRSM. One of my sisters works/ed at the Tobacco Factory (I’m pretty sure they’re all being laid off). My other sister is a singer and a yoga teacher. My brother-in-law works in theatre. I am a writer and proofreader. Self-employment is the norm in my family. And currently we’re all being screwed by the government. It’s very painful. I got an email this morning saying that I can have a taxable grant for 80% of my earnings. This won’t happen until June. JUNE! What, precisely, are we all meant to do until then? Do they think none of us need to eat? HMRC decides if I’m eligible or not. They…

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