Quotes for 2020 #52

These daily (or occasionally daily) quotes started out as something just bright and cheerful to do for the year. But that as before 2020 became the strange and mildly terrifying year it has become. The world has become a strange place, and for many of us a place that has shrunk into the confines of four walls, with the odd worry and angst bound trip to the supermarket. Its all a little surreal, this new reality, even for those who are ‘key-workers’ and have to keep doing there jobs, keep the world running and more so for those in the front line. Which makes the frivolity of the daily quote seem wrong somehow.

But occasionally the odd quote will help put some perspective on things and in times of such strange adversity perhaps a quote from someone who faced more adversity than most throughout her life will do just that.


Will return to more frivolous quotations in due course, as there is always a place for frivolity. Perhaps in these strange times more than ever.


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