Voices from Hopeless

The strange, beautiful, and fabulous people over at Hopeless Maine are holding an online convention of sorts this coming Saturday evening.
Baring anything unexpected coming up I shall be in attendance with a bottle of rum, and I may even make some vague attempt to be witty at some point… Though I’ll probably just enjoy the show, and hide from view.
Anyway, should you have an hour or two to spare, or the whole evening, you could do worse than to pop along.
Of course there is no guarantee you will be able to leave afterwards, this is Hopeless after all, so best arm yourself with your best fighting spoon beforehand.

Druid Life

On the 22nd of January, there will be an online Hopeless Maine festival, which is an exciting prospect. I’ve already got some brilliant content in from people involved in the project, with more to come. One of the things I love about Hopeless is that it has always been a community thing and that’s very much part of what it’s for.

I had a number of reasons for wanting to do this. One is that everyone being online during the pandemic opened up a great many things for disabled people, and now those things are going away again, which isn’t ok. I wanted to offer something. I also know that in the UK January tends to be a miserable month with not much happening, unpredictable weather and post-festive crapness. So I thought it would be nice to do something fun where no-one has to travel.

The third reason is that…

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