Return of the Hopeless Kickstarter

Its no great secret to any regular reader that I have a certain love for the Island of Hopeless Maine. The fictional collaboration begun by of Nimue and Tom Brown. A collaboration that generously extends to others whom get to play in the danger ridden sandpit of the fog bound isle.

As with most great literary obsessions of mine it began because I was introduced to the isle by others, in this particular case I believe it was writer ‘poet’ and fellow Yorkshireman Craig Hallam who first introduced me to it via the medium of Tom’s art on twitter of all places. For this singular favour he granted me I will even forgive him his poetry…

At the core of the expanding wonder that is the island is Tom’s art and Nimue’s prose which are so interweaved as to be inseparable, and while others do saunter through the fog it is this core that binds it all together.

Now, I have read all the books, indeed they sit on the shelves above my desk, so it would be insane of me to back the Kickstarter they have just launched for the American edition of book 2… I mean I already have the Sloth comic’s editions after all… But then again,, the America editions are in a large hardback format, so they are even more a thing of beauty… and I am sure I could find space for them somewhere in my library (others would call it a house, but I am old enough to be honest, if only with myself…)

Then there are the add on’s , the Hopeless roleplaying book , the Hopeless tarot. The limited edition Hopeless pins…

What can I say, I am addict… and no I don’t need help thank you very much , I can manage my addictions just fine…

Anyway, all this is just to say, the Brown’s have a new Kickstarter for the hardback edition of book two, which of course included the option to get book 1 in hard back as well. And frankly if that isn’t enough reason to at the very least go and look at the Kickstarter I don’t know what is…

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  1. Nimue Brown says:

    Reblogged this on The Hopeless Vendetta and commented:
    Mark is very good to us…


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