A Squid on the Shoulder

Queen Victoria is in the 200th year of her reign, and her Glorious British Empire faces a grievous threat due to the Machiavellian machinations of that most notorious instigator of insurrections Herbert George Wells.

No longer an agent of The Ministry, the shadowy branch of the British government that deals with things other Ministries neither need or want to know about. Hannibal Smyth, after fleeing the battle in Tibet, finds himself rescued from certain death after plummeting into the Indian Ocean from a burning airship. Finding out just who has rescued him in their strange craft is only the start of his latest troubles, as he finds himself traveling to the mysterious island of Doctor Musk.
A little known island just to the west of Java called Krakatoa.

There Hannibal must brave psychotic razor girls, giant cannons, HG Wells insane daughter, engine room hooch, mad scientists, the ghosts of his failures, active volcanos, and most terrifying of all ,French pharmaceuticals…
All in order to save a friend who holds the secret to his past.
Will he rise to the occasion?
Will he strive bravely against all the odds?

How can he, when he has even lost his trusty cut-throat razor…

So anyway, finally, almost 18 months later than originally planned the first Hannibal Smyth trilogy is complete…

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