Drink Up Me Harveys, Yo-Ho – Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 11

I feel a thirst upon me, for rum to quench the taste of salt…
(also there are both 15 authors and 16 authors in this edition. One of them is a lie)

Ben Sawyer

A classic edition of Harvey Duckman Presents is rising from the briny depths once more with a new look.

In the long-forgotten before times of 2020, a plan was hatched to concoct a pirates-themed special of Harvey in between the regular numbered editions, assembling 15 authors on a dead man’s chest to pen swashbuckling tales of fantasy, horror, sci-fi and steampunk.

This collection is now being re-released as Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 11, bringing it into line with the rest of the range, and boasting spooky new cover art blending the book’s fantastical and piratical sides.

In these dread pages lurks Dig, Says Doug, my story of shipwrecked mariners and cosmic horror, revealing what truly lies where X marks the spot.

The collection includes stories by Amy Wilson, Ben Sawyer, Kate Baucherel, Mark Hayes, Melissa Wuidart Phillips, C.G. Hatton, A.L. Buxton, Reino Tarihmen, Liz Tuckwell, R. Bruce Connelly…

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