The Sad Cthulhu World Tour 2022 is over…

On the bookshelf of books ‘Wot I’ve Wrote’ sits Sad Cthulhu, usually… But on those occasions, when I venture out into the cruel cold world to sell books at events, he comes with me. Clearly this is merely an affectation on my part and in no way because of a deep-seated worry that if I left him behind, he might burn down the house and rampage through the village. Crashing through realities as he did so to harken the stars becoming right and the coming of Hastor, Azathoth and other being from the cold unforgiving cosmos…

Over the course of the year I’ve gotten around a fair bit with him, in fact there was only one bookish event he didn’t go with me to. Funnily enough the one that was actually just about books, specifically a book about the Apocalypse, he might of enjoyed that one…

The first event of the year was back in April at Scarborough SFI, then a nice local event in Stockton, before I dragged him along to a plethora of events in deepest darkest strangest Gloucestershire (which is a constant delight, as are the locals), in Shroud and Gloucester itself. Oddly the first doctors he met were in Scarborough… along with a Wookie…

Its been a busy year though I should do more events I know. Sad Cthulhu is home now on the bookshelf once more, and will be going no where for a while..,.

He does not have a hat, thanks to The Octopus Lady, Who says “he just spoke to me…”

So that’s not worrying at all…

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