Yule is coming…

Its that time of the year again, the nights are drawing in, there is a chill in the air, entities from beyond what we foolishly believe to be reality are seeping through the cracks…

It’s time to mull some wine, and roast innocent vegetables. Time to contemplate our nearest and dearest and how we should encourage them to read more books. Perhaps they are interested in the works of Lovecraft and need a guide on what not to read… Perhaps they hanker to visit a quiet little bar perched on the edge of oblivion staring out across a universe and asking the questions Why?

Maybe you should encourage them to indulge such splendid questions on love, death and the wisdom of cats. Give them the gift of Inuit saga’s, Horticultural demonology, flint-eyed gunslingers, wolf creation myths and the right way to drink brandy…

Or maybe just Maybe…

Other book are also available… Merry Yule…

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