Further Words to Music

When I write, I write to music. I have mentioned this before…

The music changes,depending on mood, and what I am writing. Often times the music influences the words, not so much on a individual basis but in sense of place, emotion and feeling. So sometimes the right music is needed for what I am attempting to write. As it hard to write intense emotion while listening to Aqua sing Barbie Girl…

In fairness I have still never deliberately listened to Aqua sing Barbie Girl…

Sometimes however I just stick You Tube on and start with a random song and see where the algorithm takes me. This can be distracting when a song comes on that doesn’t quite fit the mood I am trying to find with a piece of writing, but in general the algorithm doesn’t take too much prodding to steer the right course. If you keep clicking back to moody goth tracks eventually the random little bugger gets the message and it starts to dredge up the moody goth music you know and love, and you can slide into the right mood to write the grim darkness of begotten souls you were aiming for, while the current vitality of a Hungarian born actor from RKO’s hey day is explained to you by a band named after a German school of design…

In case your wondering Bela Lugosi is still dead, which is comforting given the alternative…

Once in a while though, and much to my delight, the algorithm will throw out a song your have never heard before, by a German Goth duo that sounds like early pre-Mission Wayne Hussy era Sisters you never really hear anymore.

Bare boned industrial synth, drum machine and guitar with flattened hollow vocals, a deliberate slow melodic rhythm that aches with agonies of passionate desperation.

At this point the writing stops while you fall down the rabbit hole of wonderfulness that is discovering a new band (new to me, they have been around for a decade at least)

Eventually of course, after you have managed to climb back out of the rabbit hole to write, you just add them to your play lists and start writing again.

But then you may want to share them with the world, because you can’t be the only one who loves minimalist early goth… Anyway if you do, enjoy… and if you don’t, well try it you never know you might 🙂

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1 Response to Further Words to Music

  1. Nimue Brown says:

    I listened to Gasp a lot last year when I needed music but didn’t have much spare brain for picking it out. I have now graduated to Breathe.


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