Hope is essential

There is a lot said about climate crises and the need to save the planet. Much of this misses the important point that the earth doesn’t need saving. The planet will go on orbiting the sun in its merry little way, wobbling on its axis and basically not care a great deal about those odd ape descendants making a mess of its surface. We are relatively new in earths history and if we all died tomorrow the planet wouldn’t be overly fussed.
What we need to save is the environment that allows us to exist on the singular island in infinity that supports human life… But if we don’t the universe will probably not miss us.
On the whole I find that comforting. This view is however why I’m not the one your should come to to speak with any authority on climate change and how humanity can best save itself through green living.
For that you need a Nimue…

Druid Life

One of the big barriers to becoming more sustainable, is the widespread belief that it’s going to hurt us to do so. We are afraid we’ll have to give up all the nice things, all the good things and spend the rest of our days wearing itchy clothes made out of coconut shells and never being allowed to have holidays and only eating locally grown lentils.

Part of how we’ve got into this mess in the first place is a culture of selling each other stuff we don’t need while making ourselves feel miserable about the stuff we already have not being good enough. We waste an outrageous amount of physical resources and energy making things that all too quickly wind up in landfill. Meanwhile happiness is in short supply.

What I’ve tried to do with this book is look at the things humans actually find rewarding and how we…

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