The Elf King’s Thingy

The Elf King’s Thingy is a novel been released as a part work. It is being done this way for several reasons, not least because this is the only way it will get written. The reason for this is simply because I have a number of other projects on the go, the third Hannibal novel , the second in the Maybe series, Harvey Duckman stores, and the non-fiction book on H P Lovecraft, So this project is not so much on the back burner and awaiting a match being struck.

In other words I would not get around to writing this novel any time soon. But it has been a collection of notes and it’s first 10000 words for a long time since it was originally envisioned as a NaNoWriMo project two or three years ago and it keeps nagging at me to get written in the way stories do…

You mean you don’t lay awake at night being harassed by fictional charters who want their stories told? Lucky you…

In any regard, writing this as a part work and releasing it weekly will hopefully keep the nagging characters quiet, and there are a lot of them. Due to the multiple POV, shifting perspective, shifting focus, complex style of this story, which takes place in the real world, the world of the fay, the space between the second and third layer of hell, right now, tomorrow , yesterday and fifteen hundred years in the past… Written in small segments of varying lengths rather than chapters. It flits about because it flits about and flitting about is how the story needs to be told. This was always the plan. But this short flitting style lends itself to publishing in part work. It does however mean it may take a few ‘flits’ before the read grasps what is going on… But then a good story should give out its secrets slowly.

There is a disclaimer. This is in essence a first draft, it is not going via my usual editorial process and will be somewhat raw because of it. If it eventually becomes a true novel (which is the hope) then it will be edited and redrafted before it is published. This is raw stuff, I will not pretend otherwise.

As each ‘flit’ is published it will get listed here, I have included the first post about this project (also know as why Craig Hallam is to blame) just for completeness.