Blind Chance Theory: Amendum

A quick follow up to Blind Chance Theory.

I have now read the limited edition excerpt of C G Hatton’s ‘Arunday’s Convergence’. Book 2 of Thieves’ Guild: Bhenykhn Wars. A little one chapter bookette that C.G. had made for MCM Comic Con. Which for reason best known to herself she was kind enough to send me, as I mentioned in the last post. So I think I should say a few words about it. The words that spring to mind are as follows…

“Damn you C.G.Hatton!”

Why ‘Damn you C.G.Hatton’ you ask? Because I am going to have to wait until April next year before I get to read the rest of it. As ever it is fast, breakneck sci-fi written to be read, written to be enjoyed for the love of the thing, and written with a passion for her story, universe and characters that is hard to match.

One chapter in and Hil is in a world of trouble, wounded, running for his life, while what few allies he has are falling around him. Hil isn’t paranoid about this, he knows that almost everyone is out to get him. Everything has gone wrong on his tab, and the only chance he has is to make for the extraction point, leaving the last of his allies in his wake.

Oh, I would not have missed reading this for the world and that little ‘damn you’ is tongue in cheek. But C.G.Hatton’s work never disappoints. If you haven’t read any yet (and why not), then your missing out on a universe of joyous abandon. It’s not out and out hard sci-fi, but it’s not pulp either. It is in a class of its own, it’s just fun, fast, thrilling rollercoaster fun sci-fi, on one level at least. And god knows there is nothing wrong with that… I defy anyone to read Residual Belligerence and not come away exhausted, and utterly entertained at the same time.

Its also smart intelligent sci-fi, the characters, worlds, and ideas behind the rollercoaster reflect more than just pulp figures. The characters have depth, as do the stories. They have humanity and realism to them, which is what makes the novels stand out for me. Read Kheris Burning and tell me you don’t come back with a better understanding of fringes of our own world you may not otherwise have put much thought into.

So when I tell you I am looking forward to reading the whole of Arunday’s Convergence, you can take me at my word. My appetite for the next Thieve’s Guild novel is all the more ravenous for this sneak peek of what is to come. So yer…

“Damn you C.G.Hatton!”

And bless yer little cotton socks too…


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