Philosophical notes…

Music features a lot in my novel Passing Place, music and my love of lyrics, which I often find have a certain philosophical leaning. Of course, they were not always written with a philosophical mindset I am sure. But on occasion, one finds little nuggets of philosophy in the strangest of places. Mainly though this list of qazi philosophical utterings started out from a throwaway witticism my twitter account… So if your looking for some fine insights into the human condition, this may not be the list for you, but hey if a couple of these make you smile, well then, like the philosopher Jagger once stated…

You can’t always get what you want

but as he goes on to say…


if you try real hard,

you might get what you need

: Jagger

Leave the knight of Dartford on one side. According to the American Blue collar philosopher Springsteen…

We are alive

And though our bodies lie alone here in the dark

Our spirits rise

To carry the fire and light the spark

: Springsteen

Make of that what you will…

Meanwhile, worthy of consideration is the work of a trio of philosophers Felder/Henley&Frey:

‘Some dance to remember, some dance to forget’

But as they go on to say

(you/they) ‘just can’t kill the beast’


While back in the 80’s with vitriolic splendour Peters asked of man’s perspicacity to hide when dark clouds loom…

All cards are marked, all fates will collide

The truth is the truth or the truth is surely a lie

Get back in your shelter if you can’t come down off the fence


There may be more of this to come…

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