Blind Chance Theory

Occasionally things happen. No one knows why this is the case.

Personally, I favour a little-known variant of Chaos Theory, BCT or Blind Chance Theory. Blind Chance Theory, which states that in an infinite universe, given an infinite amount of time, some stuff is bound, at some point, to happen. Therefore you should not be surprised when things do happen.

Of course, Blind Chance Theory, a theory which explains everything at the end of the day, is somewhat flawed as a concept for two reasons:

  • Firstly the universe is not actually infinite, it can’t be because it is expanding. Infinity can not get bigger, by definition.
  • Secondly, time has a starting point and in the eventual heat death of the universe an endpoint. Ergo it too is not infinite.

But still, despite these somewhat fundamental flaws in Blind Chance Theory, occasionally things still happen, no one is entirely sure why this is the case, no matter what they tell you to the contrary.

Disclaimer: Some theologians may disagree with the above statement and state that they are entirely sure why things occasional happen, and use a three letter word that acts as a catch-all to there own prefered theory of existence.

Disclaimer, on the disclaimer: If theologians are actually entirely sure about the existence of god then they negate the need for faith. As the need for faith is the precept of all religion using the word ‘Because God’ to explain everything does not constitute being entirely sure why thing happen. Ergo we are back to BCT…

What always seems remarkable to me, however, is not that things happen. It’s that occasionally things happen for a reason. Once in a while, things happen for a good reason. Once in a while life seems a little bit brighter and more cheerful. Like when you’re waiting for some mail to arrive, you really don’t want. A bill, or a parking ticket or some other such irritation of modern life. When instead of that you get something in the mail that makes you smile, and for no reason that will make sense to anyone but you, makes the universe seem a little less of a cold expansive near infinite space filled mostly with nothing, where things occasionally happen.

Talking of things just happening, I started this post knowing where I was going to end it, I had no idea how I was going to get there, or what I would talk about along the way. If all of this makes sense to you, feel free to drop me a postcard explaining what you think I am talking about, because sometimes I leave the writing of a post down to blind chance as well…

thumbnail_IMG_20181030_001115 (3)

Got this little collectable gem in the post this morning. (a collectable free preview chapter of the next thief’s guild novel made for MCM ComicCon in London by C.G.Hatton) One of the joys of being a writer, remarkably, or otherwise, is getting to know other writers, and finding they are wonderfully generous of spirit and generous with both their time and their friendship. So this put a little joy into a wet Monday morning as I piled out of the door to the day job, late as usual. I have evangelised about C.G’s work before on more than one occasion. If I have not convinced you to try her books yet, then you haven’t been paying attention. Suffice to say you should.

Besides which, even on cold October mornings, when you’re running late…

Occasionally things happen. Sometimes these things are good.


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