Covers and Tassels…

I don’t normally do WIP updates as such, and certainly not when I am still writing the first draft. But at the same time, I am not normally writing the second book of a series and doing so a week after releasing the first book in the series, writing a series is different in this regard, not least because in this case a good half of ‘From Russia with Tassels’  one was written at the same time as ‘A Spider In The Eye’.

The two books are closely tied together, as a series should be. Indeed I was halfway through what had become the second book before I reached the decision to split them. Once I did it the books became both more manageable and better for it but I was left with a good 60% of book two already written (including the ending) long before I got book 1 back from my editor. So I am in a strange position ( for me) of now been about three chapters short of a full manuscript for From Russia with Tassels, and been reasonably sure that Summer 2019 is a reasonable guess at when it will be published.

Indeed, I am hoping to have the full first draft on my hard drive by the end of next week.

As such, I needed a cover, of sorts, as a place holder for the website, a bit of ongoing hype, and something to hang my hat on, figuratively speaking. Not to mention when I have a cover, even a tempory one, it helps focus my mind as a book seems a little bit closer and a little bit more real. (yer, I don’t understand why that is the case either, it just is okay.)

So anyway, here for the first time is the cover (subject to faffing on, change and possable complete change) of my next novel…

from russia with tassels


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