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Philosophical notes…

Music features a lot in my novel Passing Place, music and my love of lyrics, which I often find have a certain philosophical leaning. Of course, they were not always written with a philosophical mindset I am sure. But on … Continue reading

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Blind Chance Theory

Occasionally things happen. No one knows why this is the case. Personally, I favour a little-known variant of Chaos Theory, BCT or Blind Chance Theory. Blind Chance Theory, which states that in an infinite universe, given an infinite amount of … Continue reading

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New Rules…

From time to time I feel that we ( humanity in general, and writers specifically) need some new rules to live by. (yer okay I am totally borrowing this concept from elsewhere). Occasionally I just need to get them out … Continue reading

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The waiting room of the psyche…

I am a little bi-polar, though that is not unusual, almost everyone is to a degree. We all have highs and lows, and our moods swing between them. the truly bipolar are just those for whom the swing between extremes … Continue reading

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Piano Player or Pianist…

Sam, he who was famously, but never actually, asked to ‘Play it again,‘ was the piano player in Rick’s bar in Casablanca. To my mind, that is whom he is, ‘The Piano Player’, he has never been ‘The Pianist’. That … Continue reading

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In The Vault: The Complete Lovecraftian #44

Not for the first time, and not for the last, I find myself with little sympathy for the unfortunate main character of a Lovecraft short story. Let’s face it, Lovecraft’s characters often get what they deserve. Okay, that may seem harsh, after all, who … Continue reading

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Odd Moments Of Wonderfulness…

We all need the odd moment of wonderfulness to brighten our days. Sometimes it’s a geeky little meme that just makes us smile or a quote from a favourite author that amuses us. On a rainy Tuesday after a rainy (and … Continue reading

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