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30 Days of NaNoWriMo: Day 3

Day 3:  and today’s cheerleading comment in the calendar Sack your inner editor today Target for the day, get to 5000 words Current word count 2219 words So, on the plus side after the Goldfrapp incident, I have been able … Continue reading

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Shrinking world…

The world shrinks every day, in more ways than one, but as a by-product of our shirking world, many people feel less safe. They think that the world is getting more dangerous, more bad things are happening, people are nastier, … Continue reading

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Courting Disasters…

Lawyers are almost always played out on TV as smart, snappy, insightful individuals of high intellect who ask just the right question to catch a witness or a defendant off guard. It has become something of a stereotype, and like … Continue reading

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The Happy Thursday Good News Slot #1

We are bombarded with bad news. In these latter days more than ever. 24 Hour news channels that seldom have anything but doom-laden bulletining’s of scandalous regard. War, Politics, terrorism, the celebrity death race, more war, scandal’s, police killings, mass … Continue reading

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All we are saying…

This post, like some others I have made, started out as a minor rant and attempt at light heartiness in response to a mild bout of despair at the human condition because if you can’t at least try to raise … Continue reading

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