Alternating covers…

This is not a cover reveal. It’s a, not decided which cover to go with, reveal of the options I have before me at the moment…

My original plan was that after book one I would have two characters pictured on book 2, and three on book 3, completing the trilogy. Hence the cover on the right. However, I hit a problem in that the trilogy is actually going to be a pentalogy, as Hannibal never tells a story quite as straightforwardly as he could… So that originally fine plan has become a little stretched. Also, I have become fonder of the single window covers as I have been going through my back catalogue. It has become a theme for my novels (with the exception of Cider Lane which remains as ever the exception to every rule). As you can see from those currently in print…

As such I am leaning towards the new cover (the one on the left) for tassels.

So as I said this is not a cover reveal, it is just a reveal of the considerations I am having as far as covers are concerned. And of course an invitation to opinions…

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