I don’t know the answer, I barely understand the question: Indie October guest post by Andy Hill

indie october guest post 3

Do you wander around a first world town centre, bemused at how the general population manages to exist even as a rudimentary civilisation? Ever stared out of an aeroplane at the houses, roads and train tracks below, knowing full well that if left to you to design or build either, the plane would be hurtling in flames towards buildings that had fallen over anyhow?

As I understand it, some guy called Darwin invented the opposable thumb, while on holiday in Madagascar. Now we have about sixteen billion of them of which half of them are holding chips (fries) at any one time and the other half look on in envy.

As species we have achieved so much and effectively wrangled control of the planet for our own ends. Regrettably we have done it in such a way that is based on resource exploitation which is finite and will impact climate and ecology,in ways we yet don’t fully understand. The problem is, as individuals we dislike and mistrust the type of central global planning needed to restore balance. Previous attempts at central planning have suffered from a combination of nefarious undertones, gross incompetence and personal enrichment. There’s no reason to expect that the next attempts would be any different.

We want change but are we ready for the sacrificial and radical changes that would likely need to be enforced? Would we accept population control, transport restrictions, high energy use food rationing and power consumption limits? Can first world expectations be reconfigured to expect less and third world ambition for a ‘better life’ suffer the crushing of long awaited dreams?

Human civilisation is organised chaos. Somehow, miraculously it more or less works. Chaos however tends to leave a mess.

Luckily for all, I failed to consider these questions and more through the medium of poetry. I urge you not to read any of it and spend these precious minutes of your life doing rewarding and fulfilling tasks. Argue with loved one over trivialities. Pluck nostril hairs till your eyes water.

Most importantly be nice to spiders, they will outlive us.

About Andy Hill

andyBased in North East England, Andy works as a freelance writer and capital market consultant. In other words, a hand to mouth existence scrabbling for paid work. These skills lend themselves with aplomb to the overcrowded world of direct publishing.
Andy’s first work “I Saw You” rocketed to number four, in the prestigious Kindle Love Poetry Top 100 Free chart. Bettered only by Shakespeare, Keats and Shelley in a flush of ego and hubris, Andy splashed out on a new fridge and fly crib, only for those fifteen minutes of fame to evaporate in sixteen minutes. He has also written for the Harvey Duckman Anthologies.

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