From Russia With Tassels

The Second Hannibal Smyth Misadventure has landed, taking up the story of that notable and somewhat ignoble gentleman’s adventures from the Himalayan cell he found himself imprisoned in at the end of ‘A Spider In The Eye’. Our ‘hero’ has been forged in adversity, but is he now a fine steel edge poised to save the British Empire from the foul assignations of HG Wells and his band of air-pirates? Or is he just a rusty piece of pig iron bound to shatter at the first blow…

russia flier 1

Told in Hannibal’s own meandering ‘honest’ style in, From Russia With Tassels, our reluctant hero is drawn deeper into the Wells conspiracy, faces new dangers, Russian Sky Captains, old foe’s, mad scientists, brass shoguns, The Ministry, the Sleepmen, a war-torn Japan, not to mention his own personal Bad Penny… Fighting not so much for honour, or the empire, or even whats right, but just to save the one thing he really gives a damn about, his own misbegotten skin… Because when the going gets tough, trying to find a good place to hide with a bottle of engine room vodka is always the right choice…

Available on Kindle and in paperback from all good multinationals named after South American rivers.

(note, and as always happens amazon have not quite yet managed to link the paperback and the kindle editions together so there are separate links for both… and the us and Canadian links for the paperback are not quite working yet, will update this list when they are.)

Within the Bounds of Britannia…

In the US and other places beyond Britannia’s shores…

And because it has its own links, in Canada

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