How to Save the Planet: Guest Blog by Luke Eastwood

How To Save The Planet  – a science fact emergency

We live in a very strange world, one where what would formerly have been science fiction a few years ago is now very much the real world. One of my favorite films ‘Soylent Green’, based on Harry Harrison’s book ‘Make Room! Make Room!’ was far fetched back in the 1970s but now it looks as if the planet really is burning up and we might end up with trees in a museum!

It was not science fiction that inspired me to write this new book, but a sense of frustration and impending doom due to the continued inaction of governments, corporations and ordinary folk like you and me – who are mostly waiting for someone, somewhere to do something. Unlike the film ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ in real-life there is no omnipotent alien coming to save the planet from our stupidity and lethargy.

We are on are own, or so it seems. It is us who have to take action now in order to prevent a catastrophe that is fast approaching. This book is designed to be a succinct reminder of how humanity got into this mess and also offer 10 practical solutions that can change society for the better. All of the suggestions are fairly simple to do, the biggest problem I see is that we are constantly distracted from focusing on what is really important by a combination of work, home and family commitments and the deluge of daily information that we are hit with by social media.

Most of us are easily distracted and quickly forget about infernos in Australia, war in Syria or the plastic nightmare in the world’s oceans. That is why at the end of the book there is a list of ‘to dos’ to cut out and stick up on the fridge or whatever place catches the eye.

This subject is too important to put on the back-burner, we all need to act as individuals in unison, very quickly in order to avoid creating the dystopian world of ‘Soylent Green’ and countless other SF scenarios that are best avoided if humanly possible!

Luke Eastwood

You can buy  How To Save The Planet at, or well-known online retailers. 50% of profits from this will book go to Greenpeace.




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