Peacemaker X…

I finished the first draft of the final two chapters of ‘Maybe’ book 1 through the week. For complex reasons know as ‘the writing process’ the rest of the manuscript is on its fourth draft and as done as done can be, and had to be before I could write the final two chapters. Things needed tinkering with before I was happy to write the final 5k or so.

12As I needed a degree of separation between writing a first draft and editing it I needed busy work. one part of which was working on complex things like deciding what the actual title of book one was going to be… Making the final dissension about the cover, then changing my mind and doing it again, and again. Then finalising the cover and the name of book one, and the actual name of the trilogy and all the other book related stuff. And designing book marks because, well, I wanted some bookmarks. Which if you interested in bookmarks, and who isn’t , you can see framing this bit of text.

But enough about bookmarks, and the utter pain in the arse designing them turn out to be, I definitely did not scream in frustration a lot while doing so…


None of this was enough procrastination to achieve separation between church and state so that the people could thrive in a tolerant society… Which is a terrible analogy for the time I need between a first draft and a full edit of a body of text. But the struggle is real, the desire to tinker is real, I need time between the stages to come at the words fresh…

In short then I needed a project, a project entirely separate to writing, yet creative and consuming in the same kind of way, that had came with a sense of achievement in its completion and would bring a little peace to my inner being….

I needed a peace maker…. So I bought a nerf gun and set to work with leather , plastic and a whole lot of paint…


Because what a writer really needs when they want to procrastinate, is a new gun…




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