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Peacemaker X…

I finished the first draft of the final two chapters of ‘Maybe’ book 1 through the week. For complex reasons know as ‘the writing process’ the rest of the manuscript is on its fourth draft and as done as done … Continue reading

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The Call Of Cthulhu: TCL #48 Part 3 The Madness from the Sea…

MYSTERY DERELICT FOUND AT SEA Vigilant Arrives With Helpless Armed New Zealand Yacht in Tow. One Survivor and Dead Man Found Aboard. Tale of Desperate Battle and Deaths at Sea. Rescued Seaman Refuses Particulars of Strange Experience. Odd Idol Found … Continue reading

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The Horror At Red Hook: The Complete Lovecraftian #42

It was back in the 80’s when I first came across the literary universe of H.P Lovecraft, and I came across in it a way that many people fo my generation did, in the form of the Call of Cthulhu … Continue reading

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Odd Moments Of Wonderfulness…

We all need the odd moment of wonderfulness to brighten our days. Sometimes it’s a geeky little meme that just makes us smile or a quote from a favourite author that amuses us. On a rainy Tuesday¬†after a rainy (and … Continue reading

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Play like a girl, spit out the blood and carry on

There is a culture some parts of the gaming community of bullying and sexism, based on the simple, but entirely wrong, perception. That perception is that girls don’t play video games well. More to the point the perception that they … Continue reading

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