Quotes for 2020 #34

An on going series of a quote a day from those most worthy of individuals, writers…  Disclaimer not all quotes are meant to inspire… Not all comments I make upon them are entirely honest either, occasionally Hannibal writes them…

Today’s quote comes from one of the pre-eminent voices modern British Science-fiction Stephen Baxter. A writer whom I admit I first came across because of the Long earth series he wrote with Pratchett, I have since read rather a lot of Mr Baxter’s work, and fallen in love with his sense of the grand scope of events, that individuals can affect the out come of those events, that the smallest of actions can have unforeseeable outcomes  given enough distance and time.

It is some solace in a universe so vast and cold to think that ones actions can influence the grander scheme of everything.


It is also something of a vanity, just like the belief that we are alone in a universe, or even in anyway significant to the universe beyond our own little world, which in turn given the scope of time we have barely existed upon, let alone influenced in any way. Humanity has existed for less than a ten-thousandth of the eons that dinosaurs walked the earth, if and when we vanish from this world it will be as if we never existed.

A sobering thought if ever there was one.

I may be a little down today…

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