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The waiting room of the psyche…

I am a little bi-polar, though that is not unusual, almost everyone is to a degree. We all have highs and lows, and our moods swing between them. the truly bipolar are just those for whom the swing between extremes … Continue reading

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Nyarlathotep – a strange convergence

‘And it was then that Nyarlathotep came out of Egypt.’ It may be a sign that the end of times is upon us. Or perhaps just a sign that some people believe it is so. Or a sign of a … Continue reading

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Questions of insomnia…

In the wee hours of the night, when sleep is a mythical beast and the mind runs over time, the strangest questions occur… Is it the S or the C that is silent in Scent..? While we are on the … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo: Or how to first draft…

With November┬áless than a month away, and in the mildly self-aggrandizing of attempting to offer some advice to budding writers… This is the story of how I managed to write my first novel. It is also the story of how … Continue reading

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