Indie Friday roundup

You have probably never heard of #IndieFriday . There could be many reasons for this, perhaps you don’t religiously venerate hashtags, for example, though that would seem to be a heresy within the church of the internet…. Perhaps while interested in indie writers in general you are unaware of the vibrant community that is the independent creatives scene…. You may indeed have stumbled over this blog post randomly attracted by the promise of a cute baby sloth….

indie friday roundup

Also, however, it is just possible you have never heard of Indie Friday because I have just made it up.

My mildly evil plan, apart from using pictures of cute baby sloths to lure in the unsuspecting, it to present the nice side of the internet. Its Friday after all. Its probably been a long week. You might need to chill a little and just wander thorough the internet for a little while, possibly just looking at pictures of cute baby sloths. What you don’t need is to deal with a load of people ranting about stuff, and trying to round up the peasants and pitchforks because they have confused their personal resentment and anger with the world, with righteousness and importance…

So only nice stuff it is, by which I mean interesting thought blog posts from around the indie writer scene, and other stuff  to bring a smile… This may become a tradition on a Friday, but on the other hand I may not do it again for months… but for now, fun interesting stuff, to brighten and illuminate your day, no pitchforks allowed.

One of my favorite creative partnerships is the Browns of Hopeless fame, but when not creating More of the wonderful Hopeless, Maine series Nimue brown also has a more personal blog about druid stuff… which is always interesting, often insightful and on occasion just makes me smile, today is particularity uplifting

Another favorite writer of mine, C G Hatton has her own blog which she is always writing post for, but seldom posts them. Which means when she finally does post to the blog it is a somewhat momentous occasion… and always worth a read 

A L Buxton has just started his journey into the blog-verse, a heroic fantasy writer who has yet to read Gemmell dispute my urging, Tony is nothing if not enthusiastic, so by way of encouragement bob along and have a read…

Meredith Debonair, in part to entertain people in genral while they are stuck in their homes , has begun a serial novelette on her blog entitled Queer Galaxy Storm, following the crew of an intrepid star-ship and there adventures… Its been an odd and fun journey so far, but what else can you expect from the mind that brought us Tantamount’s and Angel Evans

Mark Adams Don’t say the C word pod cast, which was started to give him something to do in the lock-down has taken on a little life of its ecliptic own. Not every episode may appeal, but the subjects are so wide ranging everyone will find something interesting to listen to for twenty minutes or so. Be it top ten briskets, a discussion on unexpected motherhood, someone call Hayes talking about independent publishing, or today’s offering Craig Hallam talking about his book Down Days and coping with depression. There are also a lot of wrestlers for some reason…

Anyway that’s enough to put a smile on faces today. I may do this again next Friday I may not, but as I lured people where with cute baby sloths so here’s a video…


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  1. Isaac Weber says:

    Hello mate great bloog


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