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The Shadow over Innsmouth / TCL #61

While many of Lovecraft’s stories were published in periodical magazines like Weird Tales in his lifetime, only one was ever published as a book, even then the whole print run was only 200 copies each priced at a dollar. It … Continue reading

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Mid-summer Harvey

Midsummer’s day is almost upon us. The annual festivities of the longest day will be some what tempered I suspect, certainly I do not normally celebrate it by sitting in my back garden. generally it is a day spent in … Continue reading

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Indie Friday roundup

You have probably never heard of #IndieFriday . There could be many reasons for this, perhaps you don’t religiously venerate hashtags, for example, though that would seem to be a heresy within the church of the internet…. Perhaps while interested … Continue reading

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What is Modern Druidry?

It’s the question I started asking when I first came to Druidry about eighteen years ago. I’m still asking it. My blog ( is mostly me asking, day by day ‘what does this even mean?’ We don’t know much about … Continue reading

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