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I have, you may of noticed, been extolling the virtues of Harvey Duckman for a couple of years now. I will admit some personal interest as I have stories in every edition. But if that’s not enough to tempt you, each volume has at least fourteen other writers as well as me, and somewhere in the region of sixty authors have written for the series so far. From established names in the indie writing scene to entirely new voices who have first had works published within the pages of the series. More than one of whom has gone on to publish novels and other works beyond Harvey.

Harvey is one of the most fun, entertaining and rewarding things I have ever been a apart of. Which is why I put so much effort into talking about it here. (did you notice the ten post series for the latest Harvey offering that I have just finished? You didn’t, well go back and read them now… )

The Harvey team are always on the look out not just for readers but for new writers too, and they have just released a new website where you can read about Harvey editions, Harvey’s growing stable of writers, and even join the stable yourself by submitting a story and joining me and the rest of the Harvey writers, all of whom are talent individuals.

The website is new, and expanding, soon to include a wiki for every writer and every work featured in the books. So take a look, bookmark it , and go back again every now and again.

To pop in go to https://harveyduckman.com/

If however you haven’t read a Harvey yet. Why? You don’t know what your missing… Go take a look, and don’t worry if this seems like a lot, you can read them in any order. So Come, Welcome to our worlds…

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