A Harvey Christmas to all

Christmas is coming, the goose is looking worriedly at the chopping block, good will to all men, women, and those who define themselves as neither. the fat bloke in red with a beard you could lose reindeers in is preparing for his one day of work a year. All is good in the world, or at least a little less terrible…

Ho Ho Hoooo my god it’s still 2020…

But in order to take your mind off the year from the scrapings behind the fridge of our collective zeitgeist the good folks at sixth Element publishing have released the Harvey Duckman Christmas Special from a better year in paperback form. (And incase you missed it’s somewhat delayed release last year this festive treat is once again available on Kindle.)

As usual I have a story in the Christmas special, a happy little story about little plastic santa’s and murderous impulses…

Of course, there are all the other Harvey’s you could buy for Christmas as well including this years wonderful Pirate special. You can find out more at Harvey’s website… While as I have a story in each one (and two in one of them though I refuse to admit which cunning pen name is mine) I am of course bias, but they are frankly wonderful and you should read them all if you love sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy and a touch or two of horror.

If your paying attention you may just see the as yet unpublished Harvey volume 6 at the end, clawing its way out of the ground… It may yet crawl its way out before Christmas… And yes I have a story in that one too, a story about a tower which doesn’t want you to pay attention to it…

Anyway, A merciful Christmas to all my readers, and may the coming year be better for all of us than the one we are crawling through today…

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