Harvey VI: Erupting from the grave

Writing is a solitary activity, which suits me just fine. Anti-social introverts make good writers, and good writers tend (though not exclusively) to be anti-social introverts. This is not a bad thing, for we take flight in worlds of the imagination…

That said, much to my introverted anti-social souls horror, I love being part of the community of independent authors and nothing exemplifies that more than 6E’s Harvey Duckman Presents series. Each new volume features 15 writers, some established, some making their debut’s, and is filled with stories of Science fiction, horror and fantasy (with a liberal dose of steampunk).

Its a rich community, and a rewarding one to be part of as a writer. Not only because I get to write stories for these anthologies, and be published alongside my piers. But because I get to read all these wonderful stories as well.

In this latest volume, the sixth in the main series, the eighth if, as you surely must, include the Christmas and Pirate specials, there are debut stories from new Harvey writers C K Roebuck, D T Langdale, J A Wood and Alexandrina Brant, along with the long awaited return of writers from earlier volumes like Ben McQueeney, AD Watts and J S Collyer. As well as some Harvey stalwarts, myself, Peter James Martin, Liz Tuckwell , Joseph Carrabis and others.

As ever I was excited to read them all and I’m working my way through them backwards, as I wanted to read some of the new writers first and a couple of them happened to be at the back of the book. I was particular excited to read CK Roebucks story as it is the first of his stories to be published anywhere, and I know how excited Craig has been by this. (spoiler, its not only a great read but an intriguing one). While when I read Joseph’s I was afterward I was left with a thoughtful hour of contemplation that stopped me getting to sleep, which is the highest compliment that I can afford any writer, and that just two I have another 13 stories yet to read… I don’t doubt they will all be wonderful in one way or another, funny , insightful and entertaining. Even if one of them is written by an Anti-social introvert in a top hat.

Harvey is a grand experiment, a great adventure and a wonderful journey both for the writers and the reads. So what i am saying is, Welcome to our worlds, join us…

Alternatively, for Americans…

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  1. Thanks again, Mark. I’m truly flattered.


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