Confidence is a form of magic

I don’t reblog very often. So when I do you can perhaps take this to mean this is something that touched upon a truth and I feel is important to share
Nimue Brown’s druid blog is one I should reblog more often, ever insightful considered and often just expressing a truth I would struggle to put in such elequant terms.
This one in perticulary spoke to me, so let it speak to you

Druid Life

So much of what we do depends on having enough confidence. Day to day life is full of decisions – many of which we may not even notice making on a normal day. However, if fear has paralysed you, or experience has shattered your confidence, those small decisions can become overwhelming. Shower? Breakfast? I think often people fall down on self care because they just can’t figure out what to do, and end up doing nothing.

Every communication we enter into depends on confidence. If you don’t expect to make sense, then speaking at all is hard. If you don’t have the confidence that you will be listened to, heard and taken seriously then communicating is hard. This is part of why it is often so hard to ask for help when you’re in trouble.

It is more normal to frame this in terms of what we can’t do when…

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