Winter’s Redemption Burning

Of all the small press independent authors I know my favourite is CG Hatton, for many reasons. Not all those reasons are simply to do with CG’s books, because while I read the first three of her The Thieves Guild sci-fi series before I got to know the author we have since become good friends.

CG is also my editor these days, as well as the driving force behind the Harvey Duckman anthologies series I write for, and the person who has my spare house key in case of emergency’s, like the cat needing to be fed if I’m away… In short CG and her husband are in that small band of people I’d ring when life throws me a yorker, if I was the kind of person who rang people when life threw a bouncer down the wicket at me.

But before CG was my friend she was ‘just’ the best indie scifi writers I had stumbled across in many a year. Which is to say, my relationship with CG started with her books and blossomed from there into one of my closest friendships. Which says more than you think because I am not a person who collects friendships the way others do. Insular snarky sarcastic Yorkshire men who hide there feelings behind multiple layers of masks they present to the world tend not to.

The reason I am saying all this is simply because I would not want anyone to think I bang the gong for CG’s novels simply because she is a friend. And it is a gong I have banged a lot over the years on here. I bang the gong, ring the bell, and evangelise about her books because they are bloody marvellous, fast paced, fun, brilliantly written science fiction of the highest order. Our friendship is just a bonus.

I love all CG’s books but if you twist my arm, I’ll probably admit my favourites are the Thieves Guild origin’s novels. Collectively Kerris Burning, Beyond Redemption, and Defying Winter. You can read the individual reviews for those books by clicking on those links.

The three novels feature LC Anderson, telling stories about his younger days both before he was recruited to The Thieves Guild a shadowy organisation that is part crime syndicate, part private secret service, and all hidden real agenda…. and his earlier years in the organisation.

They are frankly brilliant, on many many levels…

If you have read my reviews of these three novels before and not got yourself copies that’s a shame, but if that is the case you can make up for that now, as now they have also been released in a single compendium, Hanover. Which also has extended additional material in the form of a short novella (Hanover) running through it, between each of the novels. So for new readers its the perfect way to get into CG’s novels. Frankly I’m jealous of that opportunity because I would love to discover them all over again…

CG Hatton will also be signing copies of this and her other books at Scarborough Scifi weekend. Along with a Harvey Duckman authors table, and I’ll be there too. So if your short of something to do on the weekends of 8th April , pop along to the Spa in Scarborough and see us, and some other people…

For more details click on the remarkably steampunky sfi gull below

Oh I hope they have pin badges…

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