Dinosaur wisdom

When you grow up, people stop asking you what your favourite dinosaur is. They don’t even care.

This is perhaps the most heart breaking, horrific, and depressing things you can realise as an adult… Okay that maybe an exaggeration, but on the other hand, maybe not.

The world we must navigate as adults is a world of bills that need paying, which requires jobs to be done, budgets to figure out, choices to make that often are finding the lesser of several evils.  All the while, unless you’re a psychopath and an utter narcissist, or a tory minister, you are bombarded with the world’s problems and have to navigate a wealth of feelings about what is going on out there in the big nasty, non-play-safe world, almost all of them awful.

All in all being an adult has few compensations, and on top of that, no one ever asks you what your favorite dinosaur is…

This this in mind, even though nobody asked me, it’s Stegosaurus…

On this subject, it is my firm belief that the world is a better place if you ask people about their favorite dinosaurs and we all should make more of an effort to do so.

We should also indulge in other childish nonadult pursuits like art, poetry (yes even poetry), books, films and creative things of all kinds. And if you can, consider supporting an artist, a musician, a poet (yes even a poet) or a writer, or a couple, on something like patreon. Because frankly the world needs more childishness (or as you might know it fun) and less adultness (everything else).

I sponsor a couple, Nimue Brown and Craig Hallam I even occasionally go and look at the wonderful stuff they put up for pateron’s (well actually I almost never do as I forget to go look, been a very inattentive pateron, but I don’t patronise them for what I get out of it but because I have a little spare cash in my monthly budget and decided to do something useful to put back with it a couple of years ago, and then roundly forget about it most of the time, but get a warm glow on the odd occasion when I remember…)

You can support them, if you have a spare couple of quid each month, or someone else entirely, find an artist you love and give them a little help to keep being the artist you love

Artists of all kinds (even poets)  all need a little help sometimes As does the world…

Sometimes, the world just needs you to ask it what’s its favourite dinosaur is…

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1 Response to Dinosaur wisdom

  1. Nimue Brown says:

    Triceratops, although I would love unconditionally any dinosaur I found myself. I’ve always daydreamed about finding a whole one.

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