Ominous Music and shoddy camera work

Don’t you hate people who go to a gig and spend the whole time recording the event on their phone rather than just living the experience? I know I do. Such people need a firm talking to about their priorities in my opinion. You should be dancing about, shuffling your feet and tapping them in time. Enjoying the experience, letting yourself be drawn into the music… Not trying to keep the camera steady and viewing an event happing directly in front of you through the screen of your smart phone…

Really, just stop such heinous behaviours and enjoy the music, the experience. The vibrations of crowd. The joy of the performers. Live in the moment, not vicariously through digital remembrance of a gig you were supposed to be as much a part of as the band…

Okay, rant over, here are six videos I recorded at The Ominous Folk of Hopeless Maine gig on Beltane Eve at the gloriously gothic location of Woodchester Mansion, something of a Victorian Folly, being an unfished mansion house in the middle of a Park near Shroud…

Anyway, apologies for the shocking camera work, if you are going to record a gig I recommend using a convenient unfinished fireplace mantlepiece as a improvised camera prop (which I did for the last few…)

The Ominous Folk of Hopeless Maine are Tom Brown , Nimue Brown, James Weaslegrease, Suzie Roberts. They were joined by Kieth Etherington , Jessica Laws and Robin

Hopeless Maine is many things but started out as a web comic and later a graphic novel. If you have never come across Hopeless Maine before your life is incomplete m,, so follow this link to find out more… LINK TO HOPELESS< IT WONT EAT YOU



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Writer A messy, complicated sort of entity. Quantum Pagan. Occasional weregoth Knows where his spoon is, do you? #author #steampunk
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