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The Moon-bog: The Complete Lovecraftian #31

If in doubt, the sunken ruins of a lost city are just where you go, at least if you’re the old tentacle hugger. You have probably noticed that and if you haven’t then you’re not really paying attention. Lost cities and … Continue reading

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Strontium Dogs…

I grew up, back in the 80’s, reading 2000AD. Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Holo Jones, Bad Company, The A.B.C. Warriors, The VC’s, Nemesis the Warlock and all the rest informed my humour, my writing and my love of what sci-fi at its best can … Continue reading

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The Terrible Old Man: The complete Lovecraft#16

Among other things, I am a bit of an aficionado of the ‘Future Shock’. For those that have never heard of them, they are short one-off stories in the British comic 2000AD, generally written by new up and coming writers, … Continue reading

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2000AD hits prog 2000 redux

Back in the mists of time (or 1977 as we also called it). Before the video game revolution, before mobile phones, and before superhero movies had real special effects.  When Star Wars, was the only Star Wars movie and the Sfi Channel … Continue reading

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