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At The Mountains Of Madness :TCL #60

Its fair to say that of all Lovecraft’s stories Call of Cthulhu has had the greatest cultural impact in the zeitgeist, but in terms of over all impact and inspiration At The Mountains of Madness probably tips the scales. Of … Continue reading

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Quoting the horror…

Everyone likes a good horror movie, even if they say they don’t, and the best horror movies often start out as novels. Of course, they don’t always seem much like the novels when they are finished, and the novels are … Continue reading

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The Unnameable: The Complete Lovecraft #39

What is it about Randolph Carter and sitting around in graveyards, it never turns out well for him, you would think he would learn… At least this time he is in the pastoral surroundings of New England rather than the middle of … Continue reading

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Geekgasm’s in the Nerdverse…

Geek culture has moved ever more mainstream in the last decade or so. The internet has helped enormously with this. The ongoing wave of Marvel, DC movies and tv shows has fed it. The gamer generation has given birth to … Continue reading

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Strontium Dogs…

I grew up, back in the 80’s, reading 2000AD. Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Holo Jones, Bad Company, The A.B.C. Warriors, The VC’s, Nemesis the Warlock and all the rest informed my humour, my writing and my love of what sci-fi at its best can … Continue reading

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Beyond the Walls of Sleep(movie): The Complete Lovecraft #15

In a slight detour from the written word, I am going to look beyond Lovecraft’s stories to someone else’s interpretation of one of them. If you remember back to my review of ‘Beyond the walls of sleep‘ you will remember that a … Continue reading

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