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Levelling down…

I don’t do political posts very often. There are a number of reason for this, one of which this is a writing blog, not a political activism blog. I write escapist fiction, there are other places you can go to … Continue reading

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‘Celebrity’ Fucking Authors

Its October, the leaves are falling, the witches are abroad, and I’ve opened the blog up to guest writers again. Yes its Indie October. Throughout October some old favourites among my guests will be returning along with some new voices. … Continue reading

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The value of U…

“England and America are two countries separated by the same language!” attributed to George Bernard Shaw, or possibly Oscar Wilde, or purely apocryphal, as its one of those quotes no one is entirely sure about even the QI elves apparently…. … Continue reading

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The BIG question…

It’s been an odd year so far… It’s hard to put a finger on why, but it has definitely been a little odd… You may have noticed this as well…  Among other things I have found myself asking big important … Continue reading

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Quotes for 2020 #8

As its not just a new year, but a whole new decade. I thought among all the other things I do here I would do a daily series of quotes from my favorite authors. Just for the hell of it… … Continue reading

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Insomniac awakenings…

Occasionally, while I lay staring into the darkness at the ceiling I know is above my bed but can’t see – trying and failing to count imaginary ovine flocks – strange thoughts occur to me. This then, is one of … Continue reading

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Publishing the self…

Opinions, as the saying goes, are like arseholes, everybody’s got one, and some people are closer to theirs than others. As a rule, therefore, I find I only trust the opinions of those who have first proved not to ride … Continue reading

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Jianna’s Fight *update*

Ten days or so ago I shared the story of a wonderful young woman with an interest in publishing, writers and in particular the indie writing scene, how she managed through the generosity of her nature to give a little … Continue reading

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Jianna’s fight…

Way back in 2015 a couple of months after I published my first novel I received a message on facebook out of the blue and completely unsolicited asking me if I would be happy to receive an award as ‘Book … Continue reading

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New Rules…

From time to time I feel that we ( humanity in general, and writers specifically) need some new rules to live by. (yer okay I am totally borrowing this concept from elsewhere). Occasionally I just need to get them out … Continue reading

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