All we are saying…

This post, like some others I have made, started out as a minor rant and attempt at light heartiness in response to a mild bout of despair at the human condition because if you can’t at least try to raise a smile, what is the point of it all…
It is not exactly faithful to the original, which I posted as the conflict in Syria drew in the west still further last year.
While it was a piece of gallows humour, laughing in the face of the ridiculous tragedy of humanity, I stand by its conclusion all the same. Yes I know it’s unrealistic, but I don’t make western democratic policy, so i don’t need to be realistic. I can instead idealise. And maybe, just maybe one day those who do make policy may try having some ideas as well.

It’s almost Christmas, in the ghetto of western civilisation, instead of singing about it lets try it. Peace on earth that is.

All we are saying……

So, we are at war AGAIN. (was there ever a time we were truly not at war as a species?)
The last war we stumbled into in the middle east, destabilised the region to the point where extremist militants could carve out there own empire across international borders. While for no reason that makes sense to me they have taken the same name as an Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom… Having carved out their new caliphate they have become a terrorist threat to the western world. Or at least the ones which we are blaming this time. Having killed off the leaders of the last lot, and then invaded Iraq on the grounds that their leader looked at us funny, had invisible weapons of mass destruction somewhere and lots of oil.
Invisible weapons of mass destruction proved to be invisible due to not existing.
The leader who looked at us funny had nothing to do with the terror attacks we had endured due to being as unpopular with the terrorists as we were.
But luckily there was plenty of oil.
But now ISIS, the one who was not a goddess, at any rate, has started grabbing territory and encouraging terror attacks… you know the ones we started the last war to end…  And they are remarkably good at it, and recruiting people to their cause, often those people who we bombed in the last war, no telling why they suddenly dislike the west. but drone strikes may have something to do with it.
So we are going to war, again, because that worked so well last time…

I know it’s a wild and wacky idea, but perhaps we could try not bombing innocent people and thus creating the reason for the next war. After all, we have done this particular dance on and off for about well, for the whole of human history.
Fight a war, punish the losers, instil resentment, fight another war.
Make the losers of the first world war pay reparations till we bankrupt their economy. That’s not going to cause us any problems later down the line.
Make up countries by drawing lines on maps of the world then leave them to it uniting disparate ethnic groups, worked so well in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, the entirety of Africa and most of Asia …
Fight another war or three.
Perhaps the reason the terrorists hate us, and hate our way of life is because we keep marching in with guns, shooting and bombing people, blowing up infrastructure, their hospitals and schools. Then we sod off and leaving them to patch their lives back together with grain field full of anti-personnel mines, that we sold them.
Just a thought that. Because in their position I think I would hate us too, just a little bit.

Perhaps we could, however, try a new approach.
I would like to suggest we give it some new name, to distinguish it from War. Perhaps, we should call it Peace
Under the new approach of Peace the people we don’t bomb this year will not become the people we then have to bomb in five or ten years time when they are frankly a bit pissed off with the west for its policy of bombing them.
Peace would instead mean that having not bombed them now, they will have no reason to attempt to bomb us in future.
Which will mean in turn we don’t have to go to war with them.
The billions and billions of pounds spent on the policy of War can be spent on the policy of Peace, for example, funding the NHS. not having food banks as a basic requirement of a bankrupt welfare state. free education at universities, proper state pensions, a decent standard of living for all, homes for the homeless. you know, nice peaceful things like those, things which are not in fact bombs.

We have tried this war thing time and again,
I know we are all a bit slow on the uptake at times, but frankly its past time we realised war doesn’t work. That is unless you’re trying to perpetuate a corrupt ruling class and industrial military block and breed a state of paranoid acceptance of increasingly intrusive state control designed to keep the rich in power and control of the state. All while the poor do as they’re told and accept that they are ruled by those who know better,,,, ( btw 1984 is a great read )

So let’s give this Peace idea a chance,, there possibly a song someone could write about it as well now I think of it,
Yes, let’s not kill people in a self-perpetuating state of war, followed by war followed by more war. Constantly breeding the next bunch of militant gun-wielding fanatics who want to exact some revenge because we keep bombing them.
Frankly, let’s face it if our country was bombed every day year on year, we would probably be a little tetchy ourselves,.
Peace .
It’s a new idea,
let’s give it a go …….

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