Wisdom for the uninspired…

I found myself lacking inspiration, having crashed out of NaNoWriMo this year earlier than expected and waiting on a proofreader. So while it goes against my nature as a rule to seek inspirational quotes, I found myself looking for them last night. Mainly it was to take a break from the Nuka-world/Supergirl combo that has been taking up way too much of my free time since I took the decision to drop the NaNo novel due to external factors. Basically, I hit a slump and needed a boost of motivation to get on with the editing I had before me on ‘A Spider In The Eye’. So for those in a slump or those who need just a little nudge to help them along with there own NaNoWriMo projects if you’re still going (and I hope you are), here are some of my favourites.

“I get my best writing done when I’m supposed to be doing something else entirely. And that’s why I keep my day job.” ~ Joyce Rachelle

“You flourish one hushed breath at a time. Imagine all you can build word by single word.” ~ Laurie Seidler

“One does not travel, any more than one falls in love, to collect material. It is simply part of one’s life…” ~ Evelyn Waugh

“Writing is lonely. Until that moment you write your first character and suddenly you have company.” ~ Eliza Green

“An idea for a story can be anything. The sky is not the limit, the limit is beyond it.” ~ Chrys Fey

“I think… the most brilliant thing about being a writer is that if you don’t like the way the world is, you can create your own.” ~ Maegan Cook

“a sentence a day keeps the doldrums at bay” ~ Nikki Broadwell

“Solitary walks are great for getting new ideas. It’s like you’re in a video game and you pick up idea coins on the way.” ~ Joyce Rachelle

“What doesn’t kill me provides writing material.” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman

“If at first you don’t succeed–write more!” ~ N.B. Williams

“A love of writing is far greater than any word count.” ~ Molly Looby

So, hope that leaves you inspired, (not sure reading all these and a few hundred other last night helped me but I did get a chapter of final editing done before I slipped back to the sofa and the PS4 so who knows…) But one final quote, which may help those struggling with NaNoWriMo, and which Hannibal Smyth would certainly agree with… From the delightful Kilian Grey…

“When in doubt, go the scandalous route.” ~ Kilian Grey


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