The mist creeps in through the cracks, and the probing tentacles of the mind seek out fresh victims. The sound of a church bell, from a steeple, long drown in the bay, echo through the darkness, as starship battle amidst warriors of old, and engines of steam weave paths of destruction and creation across the landscapes imagined and forgotten… Then a book is opened, the Indie’Omacron… and the world shudders…

indiomicon header

But all that on one side, this is not another Lovecraftian post, but a handy one-stop shop of indie author wonderfulness. Over the years I have read, enjoyed and tried my damndest to champion a lot of Indie writers. Not just because I am one myself, but because every indie author I have ever read has one thing in common, they all deserve a bigger audience. So here in I am going to collect all the Indie April posts, which in turn have all the links to everything I have written about specific authors. So take a chance, click on the pictures below to find out more.

thieves guild

C G Hatton’s Thieves Guild novels: Fast-paced sci-fi that will leave you breathless and gasping for more.



Craig Hallam’s Alan Shaw Novels: Embrace the weird from the crown prince of Steampunkery.



Kate Baucherel’s SimCaviler Novels: Cybercrime and cybercrime fighters in the not so far off future.



The wonderous creations of the most splendid Queen of all things Steampunkery

brenan and rix

Of a man and his rat: the folklore of Teesside and wondrous creations

boston meta

A Boston that never was, it a time of steam, spirits and shenanigans, strangeness is afoot


Just a normal English town on the banks of the river Seven, honestly, nothing strange here at all…

hopeless 4

A peek through the fog on the island of Hopeless, where art and literature mix in darkly beautiful wonder…

55517402_10157155685619182_5053875243970461696_n (2)

Ecliptic wanderings down strange alleyways of the unconscious mind and Steampunk

doc 2

A splendiferously splendid tale of adventure among the high teas…


Steampunk with a Sussex twist, all smugglers and ships of the air…




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