Odd Moments Of Wonderfulness…

We all need the odd moment of wonderfulness to brighten our days. Sometimes it’s a geeky little meme that just makes us smile or a quote from a favourite author that amuses us. On a rainy Tuesday after a rainy (and snowy) easter bank holiday, back at work, little things that make you smile are even more important. As is the general niceness of people. It’s too easy to forget when you listen to the new on your way to work or have to deal with a few crappy work emails that had hung over from the long weekend when you got in, that people are, in general, actually nice.

As an aside, I seldom use the word nice. As words go, I find it too twee and undescriptive. But sometimes its just the right word, and the world is actually full of nice people, it just that we mostly hear about, or from, the few that aren’t. It helps in the darker days to remember that I find…  And occasionally people go out of their way to remind you of this fact. ‘Bless their little socks of cotton…’ to quote the font of all wisdom (my mother has some odd sayings.)

So first there is this little picture of joyous geekiness which only fans of the ‘Evil Dead’ movies will probably get, but made me smile this morning when it appeared on my faceache feed…


Then there was this piece of Dark Legacy, World of Warcraft inspired joy that just made me laugh in my tea-break. http://darklegacycomics.com/623 You probably have to play the game to get all the context, but I think anyone can appreciate the idea of silly superstitions, that you stick to because they actually work, if for no other reason than the universe has a sense of humour…


Then there is this little piece of joy (reproduced here from Jennie Breeden’s http://thedevilspanties.com/archives/12410 ) I’ve been a big fan of Jennie’s humorous and occasionally oddly slanted slices of life for some time…


Then there are the things, which webcomics and humorous memes aside, actually matter. Things that may you smile and give you little moments of joy. Like logging on last night and going across to Amazon and finding two new reviews have appeared in the last few days for Cider Lane. Excellent reviews from people who have really enjoyed the novel, who left a review for no reason other than they enjoyed the book. If that doesn’t make a writer smile I don’t know what will…

First, there is this nice little one I noticed a few days back…

on 17 March 2018
A fantastic story, I found it had a great flow and pace to it. I could picture every scene perfectly, very descriptive. I really enjoyed this book


Then last night I stumbled on this one, which fair took my breath away…

on 2 April 2018

Right from the first chapter I got hooked into this novel and from there on in I didn’t want to stop reading.

A horrific car accident sets the scene as a vivid introduction to the main character of Susanna, where the writing is such that the reader’s sympathy is with her right from the start and we learn about her internal struggles stemming from the past and her overwhelming need for withdrawal in the present. We are then introduced, in a separate thread, to misfit traveller Colin, with his own history of personal conflict and mental health problems. Both characters are destined to meet and perhaps help heal one another, and the journey we are taken on to that meeting is delicately handled as their storylines are woven together beautifully and sensitively. It’s a great plot with a totally believable romantic relationship developing which keeps you guessing as to where it will end. The only thing wrong with this novel is that it had to come to an end at all.

Highly original characters, great setting and storyline – a must read!

As Lynne is a regular reader of the collected witterings I lay claim to being a Blog, the main reason for this particular post was just to say thank you, Lynne, for taking the time to write a review.
thank you
Lynne is also a writer and artist whose own blog is an often insightful read, so when you have finished read my inane witterings, and want something more inspirational and intelligent to fest your eyes upon take the opportunity to pop over there some time… https://lynnefisher.wordpress.com/2018/03/31/creative-vision-and-end-product/ 
The links to a couple of mildly ecliptic webcomics are just distractions from that, so it doesn’t seem I am just blatantly doing a bit of self-promotion, and because the world as a whole needs to read more of Jennie Breeden, Devils Panties (it’s not satanic porn)  and Keydar Dark Legacy…
And, because the world is actually a nice place… Even on a rainy April 2nd…
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