Indie April#3: SimCaviler

It’s Indie April, a celebration of all things Indie, be it novels, movies, music or art. The idea being to encourage interaction between indie creatives, and that most elusive of beasties the wider audience, and it is a time to celebrate all those wonderful indie creatives and their work.  As a writer, my focus (this will come as little surprise) is on bringing indie writers to your attention. So for the rest of the month, I will be periodically featuring some of the best the independent scene has to offer. Some of these will be names familiar to those who have read my blog before, some will be new, but all of them are undoubtedly wonderful and deserving of a wider audience. So take the plunge and invest in some indie goodness, give an indie writer a try, I guarantee you’ll not regret it.

The SimCaviler Novels of Kate Baucherel


A sci fi fan since first seeing the Daleks from behind the sofa, Kate Baucherel has worked in and around tech enterprises since before the world wide web was invented, and is fascinated by the rapid change in our world, the huge potential of emerging technologies, and the challenges we’ll face. This passion comes through in delivering day to day digital strategy for businesses and in writing cybercrime fiction.

The future is a strange place, both familiar and not in equal measure. When it comes to authors predicting the world of tomorrow who is better qualified than an expert on emerging technologies. If you want to know what the world will be like in twenty years time you could do a lot worse than to ask Kate or read her Sim Caviler novels. Elegantly paced thrillers that hang heavy on the worlds of cybercrime and cybercrime fighters. All set just a couple or three decades from now. A world with a shiny bright veneer, but dark undertones. In a world where cryptocurrency is king and hackers fight wars of the keyboard. All this made all the more believable because this world of tomorrow is based on the technology that’s coming oh so soon, with characters that feel and sound real, because the world they inhabit is, we just haven’t arrived there yet, but we will…

You can find out more about the endlessly fascinating real world of emerging technology as well as Kates fiction at and you can, of course, find her books on Amazon and elsewhere, and emerging Tech conferences around the world…

Earlier posts on Kates novels …

Aside from her own novels, Kate also has a SimCavilier short story in the Harvey Duckman Presents Anthologies. Which by sheer coincidence (stretching with each post I will admit) was released last weekend…  Just waiting for you to read, so if you fancy a taster of both Kate’s work and 13 other Indie writers of SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk and Horror, you could do worse than get yourself a copy, so click on the lovely picture below 🙂  More indie later in the week next up Pheobe Darqueling the writer of the fabulous Riftmaker novels and queen of all things Steampunk (who is not in Harvey Duckman, so there 🙂 )


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    As it is once more Indie April I am rebloging the original Indie April posts from last year over the coming month, as well as as a series of guest posts from various writers and creatives. Not all information will be entirely update on the re-blogs, but all the links will still work and its always a joy to blog a little of the indieverse … there are a great many fine writers and artists out there to discover. And of course you can always buy my books as well… But putting mine on one side for a moment, here’s the ever intellectually intimidating Kate Baucherel, who after taking time out to write non-fiction is back to writing fiction with the third sim-caviler novel in the works along with most short stories for Harvey


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