Harvey Duckman presents…

Harvey Duckman presents is the first in a series of collected works of suspense and mystery in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunkery, called, oddly enough Harvey Duckman Presents…

This anthology features work by exciting new voices in speculative fiction, including both established authors, previously unpublished writers and oddly enough one by me.

A story from Hannibal’s Smyth’s early days when all he had to worry about was people spiking his drinks with LSD and challenging him to duals over piddling matters concerning cheesecake… Oh for the simpler times before Mechanical eye-spiders, Russian Air- Pirates, Bad Pennys, Steam powered camels, Brass Samurai, Mad Scientists, The Ministry and Sleepmen…

I am of course excited to have one of my stories published in an anthology beside a lot of other great writers, but what I am really  looking forward to reading all the other stories myself when I get my copy, which includes tales by several authors I have read and reviewed here before as well as several that are new to me. As I am sure you can guess I love nothing more than discovering new writers. Except perhaps tell people about them when I find them. So here’s a chance to discover some new indie writers yourself, and plunge into whole new worlds…


Volume 1 includes stories by: Kate Baucherel, D.W. Blair, A.L. Buxton, R. Bruce Connelly, Nate Connor, Marios Eracleous, Paul Goodchild, Craig Hallam, C.G. Hatton, Mark Hayes, Peter James Martin, Reino Tarihmen, J.L. Walton, Graeme Wilkinson and Amy Wilson.

It’s available for Kindle on preorder here or on the picture above…

EDIT:  I just realised I only included the UK link, For those on other shores here is the Amazon.com link 


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