The Harvey Duckman Experience

The bulk of this post is a reblog from Sixth Element publishing’s website. Hence the disclaimer below. I do however heartily encourage any published or unpublished indie writer of Horror, Scifi, fantasy or Steampunk who would be interested in having a short story published in an anthology to read the post below and consider contacting them at the email at the bottom. I would also encourage anyone in the north east of England who is interested in writing, considering publishing there work and/or just wants advice from professionals to visit their website. Frankly, I love the 6e team even though I am entirely self-published, and not technically one of their writers. Click on the banner below for their website.

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The aforementioned disclaimer: I am not part of 6e, do not work for 6e, and am not actually connected with them except that I am one of the authors who contributes to the Harvey Duckman Anthologies. But as I know they are always on the lookout for more contributors I thought I would repost their submissions policy, and how to contact them here …

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Sixth Element Publishing is looking for new, original, exciting, exhilarating, thought-provoking short stories in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and horror.

For each volume published, in paperback and eBook, authors are offered a share in 50% net profit from sales, with – according to Sixth Element’s steadfast philosophy – all rights to the works remaining with the authors. Yes, we’re breaking the rules, and happily throwing them out of the window.

We want to give readers great stories and the chance to discover awesome new writers. And we want to give writers the chance to get their work published, share in the collaborative promotion of their work with other like-minded writers, and join a select (but growing) community of exciting genre authors who are doing it their own way.

We do have a code but really it’s more like a set of guidelines than actual rules:

  1. No erotica. Sorry.
  2. Young adult friendly please, although the occasional expletive and swear word is fine. As is dark content and tough themes, as all good YA should be. Although we’re not specifically looking for YA stories, some of the content may be, and we’d like each volume to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible.
  3. Original, unpublished content only. If the story you’re thinking of submitting to us is in the public domain already (including Kindle, web publishing sites such as Royal Road and Wattpad, and small press), we’d rather look at something new and include links to your published work.
  4. The genres we’re looking for are quite broad and we’re good with anything weird, quirky or anything that stretches the imagination and has a good punchline. If in doubt, just ask.
  5. Story length – ideally around 3,000 words please, although we won’t necessarily refuse anything that is over this (up to 6,000 words) if it’s awesome enough.
  6. Sixth Element retains full editorial control over the content to be published. Any changes will be discussed in full with the author and agreed before publication. We will only publish a story when both parties are happy.
  7. Promotion – in addition to any promotional stuff Sixth Element carries out, authors included in Harvey volumes are encouraged to support each other and the series, whilst promoting their own work. The idea is for indie and new writers to reach a broader audience while having fun.
  8. All writers must confirm that they are the creator and owner of the submitted work, and accept full liability for any claims to the contrary. Sixth Element cannot accept responsibly for any actions as a result of falsely submitted works and any subsequent legal costs associated with any such claims.
  9. Costs – there are none. If your work is accepted, you will be offered a royalty deal (share of 50% net income with other writers in that volume). All rights to your story remain with you. Once it’s been published in Harvey, you are free to publish it elsewhere, and whilst we would appreciate an acknowledgement along the lines of ‘first published in Harvey Duckman Presents…’ we don’t demand it. We want to help. And, as we said, let’s have some fun.

If you like the sound of all this, please drop us a line or submit your story for consideration to:

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Harvey is now collecting submissions for volume 4 &5 as well as the Christmas special


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