A taste of Harvey…

Just putting this here….


Okay maybe a little more explanation is needed. As regular readers will be aware I have over the last year been part of the grand undertaking that is the Harvey Duckman Presents… series.

The series curated by the wonderful folks at Sixth Element Publishing, and editing by the equally wonderful C G Hattan, has been up since the idea was first muted at the start of the year and the first of these elliptic anthologies, full of tales by both established and new indie writers came out in April of this year with a launch at the fabulousSci-Fi Scarborough Convention.

I have been lucky enough to be included in each of the first three anthologies. Book 3 of which came out at the beginning of November. But Harvey’s little helpers are not finished for the year. Oh no. A one off Christmas special is coming out in the next week or so, featuring yet another host of exciting new writers you can experience for the first time. As well as a few older hands from other books in the series, with Christmas themed stories of Steampunk, Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

And you’ll notice book four in orange at the end there, which will be out early in the new year (making it 5 editions in less than 12 months which is some achievement)

My own tale in this Christmas special edition may just make you think twice about those ‘Little plastic Santa’s’ you see everywhere at this time of year… Ho Ho Ho…


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