Harvey IV, long may he reign

As you may have been aware the forth Harvey Duckman Presents Anthology was due for its big release party at Scarborough Scifi convention on the first week of April, with the Ebook to be released the same weekend. However, due to circumstances you can doubtless gather for yourselves the convention had to be canned, along with the official release date for HD4, my own novel Maybe, and a host of others including Emi by Craig Hallam a fellow Harvey writer … But lets not dwell on that, because like Maybe, HD4 has been released early, (though the ebook version is still only on presale) and the paperback is now available to buy on Amazon.


Book 4 contains stories from regulars like Myself, Peter James Martin, A L Buxton, Jon Hartless and others as well as first time ‘Harvey’s’ Adrian Bagley, Christine King, Keld Hope and others who are a mix of established authors and writers being published or the first time. I, as ever, feel both pleased and privileged to be among them, and can’t wait to read all the stories myself.

Welcome to our worlds…Harvey Duckman presents the fourth in a series of collected works of suspense and mystery in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunk.This anthology features work by exciting new voices in speculative fiction, including both established authors and previously unpublished writers.These short stories give a glimpse into some fantastic worlds that are already out there for you to enjoy, as well as a taste of more to come.Volume 4 includes stories by: Adrian Bagley, Crysta K Coburn, Thomas Gregory, Christine King, Peter James Martin, John Holmes-Carrington, A.L. Buxton, Zack Brooks, Fred Johnson, Ben McQueeney, Keld Hope, Deborah Barwick, Jon Hartless, R. Bruce Connelly, and Mark Hayes, as well as a bonus ‘Harvey Duckman’ story by Andy Hill, and a foreword by Amy Wilson.Edited by C.G. Hatton.

If you have never read any of the others don’t let that stop you buying this one, and then buying all the rest, and you can always click on the link below for a free taster of the first of these new stories. And if you prefer the ebook you can pre-order that too with the same link…  There is no better way to support talented writers than buying books…


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